What Is Aquaponics ?

What Is Aquaponics ?

Aquaponics is a system in which the plants are grown without the help of soil. The plants are suspended in the air using a board and the roots and the parts of the plants are sprayed with nutrients. Aquaponics was first a combination system of hydroponics or aquaculture and fish farming.

In a typical aquaponic system, the plants are grown in fish tanks, and the fish waste supplies the plants with nutrients and the plants in turn keep the water clean for the fish. So the entire system supports itself. It is like that even in nature where the ocean supports its own fish and other sea animals. So, soil is not a must for growing plants. Soil only plays a role of container where it stores the essential nutrients. However, if plants find an alternative means to survive, then they do not require any soil. The soil has no direct influence on the plants' growth.

However, modern aquaponics do not use fish also. They are built on an independent system which provides light, moisture, water and nutrients for the plants to grow. Aquaponics helps to maintain a stable environment for the plants and the plant growth is much faster in this system. The plants absorb nutrients directly from the oxygen and water. They are never deprived of it and they are not limited by soil.

Aquaponics is a helpful science as plants can be grown where the soil is not conducive enough to grow like deserts for example.

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What Is Aquaponics