How To Aquaponics ?  

Aquaponics originated as a combination of fish farming and hydroponics. The waste generated by fish was used to provide the plants with the nutrients, while the plants, in turn, end up purifying the water for the fish to live. However, modern aquaponics grows plants using a suspended system where plants are suspended in the air and nutrients are directly sprayed on to the roots.More...


What Is Aquaponics ?

What Is Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a system in which the plants are grown without the help of soil. The plants are suspended in the air using a board and the roots and the parts of the plants are sprayed with nutrients. Aquaponics was first a combination system of hydroponics or aquaculture and fish farming.In a typical aquaponic system, the plants are grown in fish tanks, and the fish waste supplies the plants with nutrients and the plants in turn keep the water clean for the fish. More...



How Do You Make An Aquaponics System ?

How Do You Make An Aquaponics System

A mini aquaponics system is a very good way to enjoy home grown crops. One can study the entire plant cycle starting from a seedling to a grow plant that bears fruits. People can also build a small aquaponics system at home.Get something that looks like a fish tank. In fact, that can be a good start. The fish tank is transparent on all sides. The requirement for the container is that it should be clean and visible. You can even use a plastic tub, bucket or any such container. More...



Aquaponics For Kids

Aquaponics For Kids

Kids are forever interested in growing plants and knowing how seeds germinate. Their science books teach them about the process of plant growth. Aquaponics is a system that can be introduced to children in an interesting way. It is the same type of plant growth that they can see.In an aquaponic system, the children can observe the plants growth in a cyclic way and also they can see the roots grow. So far children have been taught that plants need soil to grow, and now they can see a method or a futuristic technology where plants can be grown through soil less environments. More...






Aquaponics-For-Profit      When you have a small scale agricultural farm that you do it form home it is called hobby farming. However, when you do grow fruits are vegetables at home the production of it will be higher than your usage. So what are you going to do with all the excess vegetables or fruit that you have? You can sell them by putting up a small farmers market in your own garage. This is an ideal way to supply fresh home grown vegetables. More..




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