Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vertical Farming  

A scientific study shows that vertical farming can save a lot of space and also provide food for a large number of people. A single square block of thirty stories involved in vertical farming can provide food for nearly ten thousand people.

There are several advantages of vertical farming. One is obviously the space advantage and other than that there is also curbing water wastage and minerals wastage. When vertical farming units are constructed the plants will use a minimal amount of water, minerals and soil and they are grown in a closed environment. The environment is stable at all times and the output can be guaranteed. It is also a pesticide free way of farming solution.

Since the environment is stable, and it is closed the plants do not get infected and therefore, pesticides or insecticides need not be used. Even these contaminate the environment to a great extent. Water that is usable is becoming more and scarcer in this world and it is an idea way to save it through vertical farming. The output and production of crops is high and any crop can be produced any time which seems to be the biggest advantage. We do not have to depend on seasonal outputs anymore. So what more can we ask for.

Some of the disadvantages of vertical farming are that these are very costly structures. The investment is huge and nobody is prepared to invest so much in anew technology. To meet with the world consumption several thousands of buildings have to be constructed and then there are the dangers of natural calamities like earthquakes affecting them too.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vertical Farming





Chemistry-And-Vertical-Farming      Vertical farming is the process of growing plants in a closed environment in high rise buildings. Currently several agro scientists believe that the time for vertical farming has come. Space and other natural resources are a big issue in the current day world. People cannot invest in huge portions of land for farming, while the world consumption rate is increasing tremendously. So the only solution seems to be in the form of vertical farming. More..




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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vertical Farming )
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