Xeriscaping Garden Plans  

Xeriscaping is a modern concept of gardening and it uses very less water for maintaining a garden. It includes all the features like a lawn and flowering plants like a regular garden and still uses very less water. Today, there is an immense need to save water against all odds.

You can either xeriscape your garden or get it done through a professional. You will need to group all the plants that are based on similar water consumption needs. This way the water can be channeled accordingly.

There are several tips that a xeriscape model uses. One is it essentially chooses lawns and plants with lower needs of water like desert varieties, for example. It uses more rocks and natural features to enhance the beauty of the garden. To also extensively uses ground cover so that the moisture for the plants is retained.

All these techniques put together improves the performance of the xeriscape model of landscaping. Also, in this model the plants tend to make use of rain water more. Whenever it rains the plants absorb in additional quantities and tend to use it as a reserve. This kind of capability is only in desert plants and no other plant varieties. There are thousands of flowering plants in desert varieties, and you will be surprised to know the vast number. Making use of them is an ideal way of beautifying your garden. Rock and natural pond features add immense value to the beauty of your existing garden.

The advantage of xeriscaping is that it does not create an artificial garden, but a natural landscape for you.

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Xeriscaping Garden Plans





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