Landscaping Or Terracing A Steep Hill

Landscaping Or Terracing A Steep Hill       People use landscaping as a way of beautifying their homes while still retaining as much natural beauty as possible. However, if your home is located on a steep hill, landscaping can be quite a challenge because of the erosion and rainfall.

      Landscaping or terracing a steep hill means putting up a retain wall if the hill is not made from rock. Although a hill might survive years of rainfall and erosion, you should build a retaining wall because the construction of your home might have altered the placement and density of the soil.

       A retaining wall will prevent a downslide of soil, rocks and plants from the slopes. It is quite safety measure for steep hills and it prevents accidents and injuries. Do not forget that the retaining wall has to be several feet higher than the current level of soil.

       Another way of landscaping a steep hill is to build a paved pathway or steps. This will help in preventing erosion and will also give you access to go up and down the hill. A curved pathway is more aesthetically beautiful than steps. In addition, a curved pathway will allow you to transport things up and down the steep hill easily.

       Putting terraces on the hillside is an excellent way to prevent erosion. This takes work and planning. The terraces can be shallow or deep depending on what your preference is. Make sure that you can walk around them as you go about planting trees, flowers and shrubs on the terraces. You should also think about planting big trees like Juniper or Pine near the start of the downward slope.

      Landscaping or terracing a steep hill is tough work for a single person. You will surely need help when you are digging the terraces or making steps or pathway. Make you home on the steep hill beautiful by getting workers to help you out with your landscaping ideas.

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Landscaping Or Terracing A Steep Hill