Landscaping Small Yards  

        Many people think that landscaping small yards is easier than landscaping big yards. However, when it comes to landscaping, there is nothing small about it. Landscaping small yards is equally challenging as it comes with its own sets of challenges that are obvious when landscaping bigger areas.

        One of the biggest challenges in landscaping small yards is planning ahead of the actual work. You will have do a lot of thinking because you should know how something is planted today will grow tomorrow. After all a few months down the line, you do not want that plant to take over the entire area.

         Depending upon the layout of the yard and the way the house is situated, using trees may not be an option. Many people tend to plant trees in a small yard only to find out a few years later that the roots have begun to grow into the basement wall. Shrubbery is another thing that needs to be planted with care. Shrubbery tends to grow quickly and can block the view from windows or can create blind spots from the roads or driveway making it perfect a cover for a burglary.


         Remember, something that looks nice on a large yard may not look nice on a small one. This means you have come up with your own ideas and design. There are software available that can help you design the landscape of your small yard. You can get a free software to get a basic design and then you can fill in the details using the basic design. The limitation with landscaping small yards is that there is little space to work with and you should plan and design in such a way so that you get the most out of the space.

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Landscaping Small Yards




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