How Do Pesticides Kill Bugs ?   

        If used correctly, pesticides are effective in increasing food production and eliminating pests and diseases. However, pesticides do have harmful effect on the environment and can prove detrimental to animals, insects and plants. If you have a problem of bugs in your garden, before reaching for a pesticide see if you can use safer alternatives.More...

Dog Friendly Pesticides

Dog Friendly Pesticides       If you have dogs, then you should not worry because you can have a great looking lawn or garden that is pet friendly. The way to get a dog friendly lawn or garden is to use dog friendly lawn care and garden products. This means also using dog friendly pesticides.More...

Bioaccumulation Of Pesticides In Fish And Water

Bioaccumulation Of Pesticides In Fish And Water

Before we look at bioaccumulation of pesticides in fish and water, let us first understand what is bioaccumulation. This is the buildup of harmful and toxic substances in an organism where the substance enters the organism through respiration, food intake, through contact or any other means. As a result the organism has higher concentrations of the substance compared to the surrounding environment.More...


What Garden Vetgetables Will Not Tolerate Treflan Herbicide ?

What Garden Vetgetables Will Not Tolerate Treflan Herbicide

Treflan herbicide is an affordable pre-emergent weed killer which destroys broadleaf and grassy weeds. It is applied in the soil in its liquid form before you plant the crop you want to grow in order to protect ornamentals, vegetables and field crops.More...



List Of Foods With Insecticide

List Of Foods With Insecticide

If you think that pesticides like insecticides are modern day inventions, you are sorely mistaken. There is evidence to show that ancient Sumerians used elemental sulfur as an insecticide to protect their crops. Even medieval farmers used chemicals like arsenic to protect their crops. More...






What Is Potato Plant Pesticide ?

What Is Potato Plant Pesticide    Potatoes are eaten all over the world and are popular tubers even with young children who would do anything to get mashed potatoes or French fries or chips. However, potato plant in the US is susceptible to pests and diseases, and that is why potato plant pesticide is used quite frequently to ensure the best yield.More...




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