Are Insecticides For Bumble Bees Safe For Cats ?

Are Insecticides For Bumble Bees Safe For Cats ?

What are bumble bees? Are they any different from carpenter bee or other garden pests that needs to be eradicated? Bumble bees are considered to be beneficial insects that pollinate plants and flowers. They help the gardeners in the garden.

These big, yellow and black colored bees, which are any where are three fourth to one and half inch in size. Even though these are not much of a problem, allowing their nest in proximity to pets or small kids is not advisable. As such, this sort of flying insects in the garden cannot be ruled out and they have the advantage of helping in pollinating plants around and this is always welcomed by any gardener.  

The very same bumble bee can turn out to be problematic or even considered as a pest if their nest is in close proximity where pets are. It is at this time that insecticides are used to avoid these bumble bees. Any kind of wrong product or wrong timing could turn out to be a nuisance to pets, especially if they are close by. 

One of the best ways to get rid of bumble bees would be deltamethrin dust usage that should be spread into the nest. Even aerosols are safe to kill the bees, but it should preferably be done during nighttime. Care should be taken not to spray down the general vicinity instead of the mouth of the nest. Any haphazard movement can result in unsafe environment for the pets.

So, insecticides used for bumble bees are safe for cats and other pets provided they are not used haphazardly or irresponsibly.

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Are Insecticides For Bumble Bees Safe For Cats