Home Made Insecticides For Flowers And Vegetables  

Homemade insecticides are simple but effective to stop the insects from destroying the valuable vegetables and flowers as chemical insecticide are not much preferred to kill the insects. Homemade insecticides are no doubt safer and not toxic enough to be harmful to kids and pets.

These types of insecticides do not wear the tag of soil contamination. Hence, they are considered safe to prevent or eradicate the insects that destroy the plants. Some of the safe and yet best insecticides for the vegetables and flowers are pepper soap, ground cloves, crushed eggshells and cooking oil.  But these homemade products may better be tested before any large-scale usage. It is advised that care should be taken to treat only the plants that are infested so that insects that are beneficial for plants are not killed.

Individually speaking, just four jalapeno peppers and three to four garlic cloves in four cups of water blended and mixed with one teaspoon of vegetable oil soap that is strained and then sprayed over the infested plants gives wonderful results. This treatment can be repeated after rains for a more effective outcome.

Crushed eggshells and canola oil with liquid soap can be used as a spray to kill or prevent insects like snails. Cloves that have natural scent are quite strong and do not taste good for the insects. Two tablespoon of cloves with a quarter part of water is to be sprayed, not leaving the leaf’s lower part either.

Is it not a simple yet safe method instead of using some toxic and harmful chemical substance?

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Home Made Insecticides For Flowers And Vegetables





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