How Are Insecticides Harmful ?

How Are Insecticides Harmful ?

All the chemicals that are used as disinfectants or insecticides as well as pesticides are very harmful. Even cleaning agents like detergents are not good. This can be easily made out even by a common man by reading the safety measures printed on the labels that state things like 'causes severe burns' or 'toxic by inhalation'.

When it comes to insecticides, it is better to avoid direct contact with skin and also not to breathe in any vapors. In unavoidable circumstances, you can minimize the effects and impact by opting for a product that is not as harmful and not highly toxic.

If the product is found to be spreading lots of fumes and vapors, it would be best to get the place well ventilated to avoid breathing in the toxic vapor or the dust. The company that comes out with these insecticides usually comes up with a label that is called MSDS (material safety data sheet) wherein they print out the risk factor and the safety measures that is to be taken or followed, while using them.

Insecticide is a chemical used to eradicate insects. So there is no doubt about it being poisonous. Pyrethrin is the most common chemical used in these sprays. This chemical although not very poisonous can make life difficult with breathing problem. The major symptoms like breathing difficulty or skin irritation with redness, swelling, discoloration of the skin etc. occurs in case of pyrethrin poisoning.

Insecticides with organophosphate or carbonate can poison and affect the bladder and kidneys. The lungs and the airways as well as the nervous system can also be affected to the extent of causing coma or convulsions.

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How Are Insecticides Harmful