How To Purchase Chinese Chalk Insecticide ?

How To Purchase Chinese Chalk Insecticide ?

As the name suggests, Chinese chalk is a type of insecticide that is available in the form of a chalk. Basically you take the chalk and draw a line so that ants are prevented from crossing that barrier. It can also be used to draw a line through a line of walking ants. Any ants who touch the chalk will die within a minutes.

Chinese chalk is also referred to as magic chalk and is white or light yellow in color. Besides getting rid of ants, you can use the chalk for cockroaches, lice and even fleas.

It is believed that the chalk is completely harmless to humans. However, after using or touching the chalk, it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. The fact that it looks like normal chalk, it is best to keep is some where safe so that children and pets cannot get access to it.

In the US, it is illegible to sell Chinese chalk. The reason for this is that the chalk has not been tested and the packaging does not conform to US standards. In addition, the packaging does not list out the ingredients used to make the chalk. So, how can you purchase it? You can purchase Chinese chalk from any Chinatown in your city, provided it has one. Usually shops in Chinatown will display a notice that they are selling this product. In case there is no notice, you can ask around and someone surely will let you know which shop is selling it. However, selling Chinese chalk could get a shop owner into trouble with the law enforcement authorities.

At times, you can also purchase Chinese chalk at different merchandise markets where stall owners sell toys, fake designer items and electronics.

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How To Purchase Chinese Chalk Insecticide