How Are Insecticides Harmful ?  

        All the chemicals that are used as disinfectants or insecticides as well as pesticides are very harmful. Even cleaning agents like detergents are not good.

This can be easily made out even by a common man by reading the safety measures printed on the labels that state things like 'causes severe burns' or 'toxic by inhalation'.More...


List Of Foods With Insecticide

List Of Foods With Insecticide

If you think that pesticides like insecticides are modern day inventions, you are sorely mistaken. There is evidence to show that ancient Sumerians used elemental sulfur as an insecticide to protect their crops. Even medieval farmers used chemicals like arsenic to protect their crops.More...


Are Insecticides For Bumble Bees Safe For Cats ?

Are Insecticides For Bumble Bees Safe For Cats

What are bumble bees? Are they any different from carpenter bee or other garden pests that needs to be eradicated? Bumble bees are considered to be beneficial insects that pollinate plants and flowers. They help the gardeners in the garden.More...


Home Made Insecticides For Flowers And Vegetables

Home Made Insecticides For Flowers And Vegetables

Homemade insecticides are simple but effective to stop the insects from destroying the valuable vegetables and flowers as chemical insecticide are not much preferred to kill the insects. Homemade insecticides are no doubt safer and not toxic enough to be harmful to kids and pets.More...


How To Purchase Chinese Chalk Insecticide ?

How To Purchase Chinese Chalk Insecticide

As the name suggests, Chinese chalk is a type of insecticide that is available in the form of a chalk. Basically you take the chalk and draw a line so that ants are prevented from crossing that barrier. It can also be used to draw a line through a line of walking ants. Any ants who touch the chalk will die within a minutes.More...


Orange Tree Insecticide

Orange Tree Insecticide

Most of us love nature and greenery and that is why many of us have beautiful gardens and vegetable patches that we tend to with a lot of love and care. However, nature is not without its problems. All gardeners have to face bugs, insects and caterpillars that feed on fruits and vegetables.More...







Safe-Insecticide-For-Ants-In-Strawberries      There are many insects that can damage your strawberry plants and while causing damage to the plants, these insects could also transmit diseases. However, while you can handle many of the insects through effective use of biological insecticides, the one insect that seems to cause a lot of problems to strawberries is the ubiquitous ant. More..




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