Types Of Bonsai Trees  

        The word ‘bonsai’ signifies a tree planted in a tray. It is also referred to as a living miniature tree that increases in beauty and value as it matures over the years.

This form of art originated from China and gradually spread throughout Asia. Techniques such a cutting, pruning and pinching are used to manipulate the pattern of growth and the consequence is a magnificent tree that is a pleasure for the eyes.More...


What Makes A Bonsai Look Good ?

What Makes A Bonsai Look Good

In layman terminology, a bonsai is basically a tree, which in conventional terms is exactly similar to any ordinary tree, except for its miniature size. However, a natural dwarf tree is not necessarily a bonsai, unless trained to look like a large natural tree in shape and restricted to a size smaller than its own maximum potential. A bonsai and its container in unison must represent a well-balanced and aesthetic picture.More...


How To Find Inexpensive Bonsai Pots ?

How To Find Inexpensive Bonsai Pots

The word ‘bonsai’ literally means a tree planted in a pot. It is the art of aesthetic miniaturization of trees or of developing woody or semi-woody plants shaped as trees, by growing them in containers. The cultivation process includes techniques for shaping, watering and repotting in various styles of containers.More...


Recipe For Bonsai Soil Mix

Recipe For Bonsai Soil Mix

One of the most critical aspects of growing bonsai is the preparation of a feasible potting mixture. Since the space area for growth in a bonsai container is restricted, it is imperative that soil placed into it should perform perfectly. Actually, the term ‘soil’ is really somewhat of a misnomer.More...






How Do You Water A Bonsai Tree ?      Because of the unique look and aesthetic appeal of bonsai trees, many people love to use them to decorate their offices and homes. Growing a bonsai tree is hard work as the tree requires constant care. One of the care needs of a bonsai tree is watering. More..




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