How Can I Use Lava Rocks For My Flower Garden ?

How Can I Use Lava Rocks For My Flower Garden ?

Rocks can give a completely new look to the garden and are available in different sizes, colors and shapes. You can purchase them at retail stores and also shops selling various garden resources. Lava rocks are one of the types of rocks that can add beauty to your garden and increase its appeal.

Lava rocks create contrasting effects depending on how they are used in the garden. Based on the way you arrange these rocks, you can highlight certain features of the lawn and choose to hide some. 

These rocks are light-weight rocks ideal for places where there is lot of water. For example, they are very nice to view around a pond. You can give the look of a brook if you have a small stream running in your backyard. They can be used as decorative materials to hide water pumps and hoses. 

Lava rocks are generally mined from the volcanic domes. They are available in different colors. They add color to your backyard and charcoal black colored rocks give a feel of good depth. 

The rocks are available in gravel size and can be used as mulch. If you plant a flower garden and surround it by lava rocks layer, you can easily keep the weeds away and maintain a picturesque flowerbed easily.  

Lava rocks make a landscaped garden easily maintainable over a period of time. They do not heat up as much as other dense rocks. This is because they have small holes throughout and hence they do not trap much heat. Hence, these rocks are ideal for places with extreme summer or heat.

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How Can I Use Lava Rocks For My Flower Garden