Meaning Of Carnations  

Carnations speak for themselves. One of the most sought after flower by nature lovers is the carnation. It is not only one of the oldest varieties of flower in the world but is also known for its rich history.

The beauty of receiving this flower lies in the significance of the color presented as each color personifies a different emotion. Carnations are used worldwide to express one’s sentiments without the actual use of words.The scientific name of the flower means ‘flower of love’ or ‘flower of the God’. The history of carnations dates back to the times of the Greeks and the Romans. The flower is said to have originated from the tears of Mary, shed on seeing her son, Jesus, carry the cross.

Originally seen only in shades of pink and peach; today carnations are found in brilliant hues. In the Victorian language, each color of carnation conveys a different meaning. In general terms, carnations denote fascination or love for a woman. However, each color has its own special meaning.

The red carnations are a symbol of love, passion and respect. When presented to a woman, it conveys immense awe and desire. In contrast to this passionate expression, the white carnations signify pure love and innocence. They are presented to highlight the receiver’s sweetness as an individual. They are also gifted for luck. A pink carnation depicts gratitude and suggests that one will be always cherished and remembered. The color purple indicates unreliability and fickleness. Mauve highlights fantasy and yellow expresses rejection or disregard. While a carnation of a solid color represents affirmation; a striped one suggests negation, which could be a refusal or cutting a sorry figure.

During certain ceremonies, the color of the carnation being worn expresses the meaning. In Canada, on Mother’s Day, wearing a red carnation means that one’s mother is alive and a white one proclaims otherwise. Thus, this rather inexpensive and long lasting flower of carnation has gained popularity all over the world for its unspoken expression.

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Meaning Of Carnations




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Scientific-Name-For-The-Carnation      The complete scientific information on carnations states that they belong to the kingdom plantae, division magnoliophyta, class magnoliopsida, order caryophyllales, family caryophyllaceae and genus Dianthus. It is believed that Theopharastus, a Greek botanist, coined the scientific term Dianthus for carnations. More..




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