Different Types Of Chrysanthemums

Different Types Of Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums or mums are the traditional favorite in most floral displays. From tall and sturdy ones to compact plants well under 18 inches, these bloom anytime between mid-summer to late fall.

The colorful flowers come in shades of white, red, purple and yellow.

Chrysanthemums come in hundreds of varieties, and listed below are some of the popular ones:

Clara Curtis - This is the most popular chrysanthemum, with fragrant yellow centers and warm pink daisy flowers. It is anywhere between 18 to 24 inches in height and flowers quite early.

Emperor of China - This is taller, usually growing to up to 40 inches. It blooms later and had pink-white flowers.
Golden Jubilee - These are 18 inch plants which bloom early and are quite hardy. The flowers are large and deep gold in color.

Grandchild -This gives very attractive lavender pompom flowers that come with red-violet centers. It blooms early and usually grows up to 18 inches in height.

Gypsy Wine - A smaller plant, this grows up to 12 to 15 inches only, blooms early with wine red pompom flowers.

Maroon Pride -Introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1991, this is a hardy plant with dark red flowers which bloom in late August.

Rose Blush – This grows up to 16 inches and blooms mid-season, with large mauve-colored flowers.

Sarah - This is a sturdy and late bloomer, and comes with large, golden butterscotch flowers.

Sunny Morning - A mid-season bloomer, this is a bushy and 14 inch plant that gives large, clear yellow flowers.

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Different Types Of Chrysanthemums