How To Care For Chrysanthemums

How To Care For Chrysanthemums ?

Chrysanthemums, or Mums as they are often called, are suppose to be native plants of Asia and Eastern Europe. The flowers have been named by combining two Greek words for golden and flower.

It is so named because of the flowers' golden color.However, no longer are the Chrysanthemums just golden in color. Besides the normal golden color Mums, you can also get Chrysanthemums that are yellow, pink, blue, white, red and lavender.

There are around 30 varieties of Chrysanthemums, and around 15 of them bloom. Some types can be annuals, while others are perennial. The annuals bloom in late summer or early fall, while the perennials are known to bloom in winter after all the other plants have withered due to the cold.

If you are growing Chrysanthemums in your garden, you should also know how to take care of them. The flowers require a well-drain soil that is replete with nutrients. Also, Chrysanthemums require lots of sunlight and air movement.

As and when you notice leaves drying or wilting, make sure you remove them. These dead and dying leaves tend to take away the nutrients from other parts of the plant. Also, remember to prune the plants when they attain a height of around 6 inches.

Make sure that the soil is fertilized twice a year in spring and then again in fall. The soil should always be moist, and in summer it will not harm to have the soil completely soaking wet. However, be careful that mold growth does not start because of this. Also, make sure that the soil around the plant is loose. The worst thing for Chrysanthemums is compact and well patted soil.

Once the blooming season is over, make sure that you cover the plant with straw or mulch. Layer the mulch to at least 3 inches. The same is also true when using straw.

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How To Care For Chrysanthemums
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