When Do I Prune Daffodils

When Do I Prune Daffodils ?

Daffodils, depending on the variety, are usually in bloom between the months of February and May in the U.S. Pruning your daffodils should be done only when the leaves have wilted back and not before.

The flower bulbs get their energy from the leaves, and the following year’s bloom will be seriously affected if you prune the leaves before they die naturally. Once this has happened, cut the leaves and stem to the ground. Also remember to deadhead the flowers once the petals have fallen from the stem. This too helps in saving energy for the next season’s bloom.

Daffodils need plenty of good sunlight in order to bloom perfectly. Cut the flower stem down the entire length till the plant’s base. The foliage of the flowers should be left alone till all the leaves have dried down completely. This lets the bulb ‘recharge’ for the next year’s bloom.  Some foliage may take longer to completely die back, which may take two to three months. The bulbs must be fed with a complete plant food and watered continuously till the foliage has died down completely.

The wilting daffodil leaves can be tied back to keep the garden tidy. You can also plant tall annuals or perennials between the bulbs to hide the foliage, like cosmos, zinnias or forget-me-nots.  Do not worry about disturbing the daffodil bulbs, since they are deeply planted and will not be affected by the other plants. Using plant markers for easy identification of the daffodil bulbs is also recommended.

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When Do I Prune Daffodils