When Do You Plant Daffodils

When Do You Plant Daffodils ?

The sign of daffodils blooming in early spring is an indication that a gardener can begin planting all the other flowers in the garden. However, in order for your daffodils to bloom, you should know when to plant them. Typically, daffodils require a dormancy period and an overwintering period. This will ensure that the daffodils bulbs remain healthy and are ready for the next growing season.

In the summer, the bulbs become dormant and this dormancy can be broken by the cold during the winter months. Hence, if a person is living in a colder locale, the best time to plant daffodils in during September and October. This allows the bulbs to grow and set their roots before the cold comes in and freezes the soil. (See Reference 1)

In case you live in a warm climate where there is no worry of the soil freezing during winters, then ensure that the daffodils bulbs are purchased in fall and then place them in a paper bag and put the bag into your refrigerator. This will allow the bulbs to break their dormancy. If you do not chill the bulbs, there is a chance they may not bloom, and if they do bloom, it is possible that the blooming will occur quite late. After chilling the bulbs in the refrigerator, plant them in your garden some time during December or January if you want the flowers in early part of spring. If you want to lengthen the blooming season of the bulbs, then plant the bulbs every 2 weeks right until later February. (See Reference 1)

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