Care Of Dahlias

Care Of Dahlias

Dahlias always stand out because of their spectacular colors and exotic shapes. They are quite popular with gardeners for their beauty.

Here are some tips to take care of your dahlias so that they keep blooming for a long time:

Care of Dahlias:

Stake the taller varieties of dahlia at planting time. Make sure the stake is slightly off center in the planting hole and anywhere between 5 to 6 feet in height.

Water your dahlias deeply, and it will help promote deep root growth. Fill up the bowl in which your plant is housed with water, and do it regularly during the active growth phase.

Use a low nitrogen fertilizer (0-10-10) on the foliage around the time when the first buds make an appearance. If the plant is in a rich and fast draining soil, then one application of this fertilizer should be enough for the growing season.

Cover the root zone with a layer of mulch. This will help conserve water, prevent weed growth and do away with manual cultivation of the soil.

Get rid of faded flowers as soon as you see them. You can also improve the appearance by cutting the faded flower stalk all the way back to the main stem.

Cut the dahlias and use them indoors. You may remove part of the main stem while harvesting these flowers. Just make sure that you make the cuts close to the leaf joint as it will lead to new growth.

Dig up the dahlia tubers every autumn and store them, if you live in a region where the soil freezes.

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Care Of Dahlias