Information About Growing Dahlias  

Dahlias are suitable for growing in almost any kind of soil and location. However, to make sure that your planting efforts pay off handsomely and you have the desired quality of plants and flowers, you need to be pretty selective about planting placement.

Here is some information about growing dahlias that will help you tremendously.

The roots of the dahlia plant will only thrive if placed in a warm and sunny location. They need as much sunlight as possible every day, so it is very important that you find a spot for your dahlias that is not shaded by bigger trees, is sunny and yet not susceptible to strong winds.  Protecting your dahlias from winds is necessary because dahlia tubers are surface feeders, i.e., they do not have long feeder roots in the soil, which makes them easy to be blown away.

Next you need to look at the soil condition. Good everyday garden soil is usually enough to grow good dahlias, but you must ensure that the soil has excellent drainage. If the soil stores surface water for a while after a downpour, then it is vital that organic matter is added to the soil. Try mixing equal parts of humus, sand, peat moss and well-rotted manure, and you will have an excellent supplement to enhance your soil. Place the dahlia bulbs or tubers about 18 to 24 inches away from each other. This will give them plenty of room to grow. Plant the larger varieties of dahlias at least 3 feet apart. The dahlias must be covered with soil, and watered after the sprouts start showing.

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Information About Growing Dahlias




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Information About Growing Dahlias )
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