Transplanting Dahlias

Transplanting Dahlias

Dahlias bloom throughout the summer months and well until the first frost makes an appearance.

A single, well-cultivated plant is capable of producing as many as a hundred colorful and long-lasting blooms, making dahlias a gardener’s true delight.You must start working with dahlia tubers as soon as spring sets in. This will ensure that you can get midsummer blooms. The tubers must be put in shallow boxes filled with slightly damp sand, leaf mold or peat moss, all helpful in letting the shoots to develop easily. Then the boxes should be put in a sunny location like a porch or a sunroom.

The shoots of the tubers need to be cut when they are about 6/7 inches to 1 inch above the base. Then they must be placed in pots filled with compost and damp sand, away from sunlight and covered with a plastic bag.

In about 3 weeks time, the shoots should be doubled and also have roots. Smaller varieties of dahlias need 3 to 4 inches of planning depth, while the larger varieties need up to 7 inches. If you want big flowers, then go with the larger varieties like cactus dahlias.

Remember to transplant the dahlia tubers outdoors only after there is no sign of frost anymore. Also, planting them in groups will result in a colorful display through summer and early fall.

Remove weak stems when the plants are about 4 inches tall, pinch off the flower buds and remove the side shoots, leaving only the main bud intact. The plants need to be watered regularly and given liquid fertilizer periodically.

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Transplanting Dahlias