Information About Growing Dahlias  

        Dahlias are suitable for growing in almost any kind of soil and location. However, to make sure that your planting efforts pay off handsomely and you have the desired quality of plants and flowers, you need to be pretty selective about planting placement.More...



When To Plant Dahlias ?

When To Plant Dahlias             Dahlia tubers are generally grown in one of the two ways. They are either left in the ground throughout the winter months, or are dug up and then stored. In places where the soil does not freeze during winter, dahlia tubers are often left in the ground.One tuber usually produces several more during the growing season, so in a year or two there will be a clump of tubers around.More...


Care Of Dahlias

Care Of Dahlias              Dahlias always stand out because of their spectacular colors and exotic shapes. They are quite popular with gardeners for their beauty. Here are some tips to take care of your dahlias so that they keep blooming for a long time:Stake the taller varieties of dahlia at planting time. Make sure the stake is slightly off center in the planting hole and anywhere between 5 to 6 feet in height.More...


Transplanting Dahlias

Transplanting Dahlias              Dahlias bloom throughout the summer months and well until the first frost makes an appearance. A single, well-cultivated plant is capable of producing as many as a hundred colorful and long-lasting blooms, making dahlias a gardener’s true delight.You must start working with dahlia tubers as soon as spring sets in. This will ensure that you can get midsummer blooms.More...





Flower Gardening :

Facts-About-The-Dahlia      The dahlia season begins in early spring and lasts till early fall. These flowers come in a myriad colors and even though they are edible, dahlias are famous for their stunning looks and not so much for their taste, which may be best summed up as nondescript. More..




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