How To Cut A Flower Bed With A Spade Shovel ?

How To Cut A Flower Bed With A Spade Shovel ?

Cutting a flower bed on one’s own is very economical. Though it requires time and energy, with the right tools one can achieve what one wants easily. The basic tools required for cutting a flower bed are a spade shovel. One can begin by cutting downward about four inches with a spade shovel around the flower bed as well as inside.

Most of the times, you just need a spade shovel for edging purposes, where you can create fine edges between the lawn and the flower beds. This is normally done with a spade shovel and a hoe. For getting the desired results, one should hold the spade at 45 degrees with the sharpened edge towards the ground and one should guide it with one’s foot 3 inches into the soil.  This step needs to be repeated through the whole flower bed to make fine edges.  

The sides of the trench need to be smoothened by a hoe and they should be 3 inches deep and slopping up to 3 inches to the top. When it comes to the flower bed itself, one has to loosen soil up to 8 inches deep and this is where the spade shovel can be of immense help.  

It is important to dig out all the grass and weeds with a spade and a shovel from the soil before planting the plants for the flower bed. Once the digging work is done the plants can be planted and a beautiful flower bed will be ready.

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How To Cut A Flower Bed With A Spade Shovel