When Do Gladiolus Bloom

When Do Gladiolus Bloom ?

Gladioli are very popular as a gardening project and justifiably so. They come in a number of stunningly beautiful colors and can add dazzle to any garden.

These flowers are also very popular in flower arrangements and also as gifts.Gladiolus needs plenty of attention, and thrives when its ideal growing conditions are provided for. These plants like humidity and hence, grow very well in warmer areas.  The plants also need rich soil conditions and plenty of water.

The ideal time to plant gladiolas actually depends on where you are located. The package of corm bulbs that you will buy from your local vendor will tell you the specific details, depending on which zone you live in. Usually the corm bulbs are planted during spring, when there are no threats of frost, since gladiolas are very sensitive to all types of frost. If you live in an area where frost is quite regular, then you will have to dig up the bulbs during the fall season and store them. Make sure that the spot you choose to plant your gladiolas receive a lot of sunshine, while the soil is well-drained and moist. Even partial shade is acceptable in case you cannot get full sun. When you are planting a number of gladiolas at one spot, see that there is a minimum gap of 4 to 6 inches between each corm bulb.  More space in between corm bulbs mean more room for each plant to grow, which will result in bigger plants with spectacular flowers!

Three months after planting the corms, the gladiolus plants will bloom. Usually you can expect the gladiolus to bloom between July and September.

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When Do Gladiolus Bloom