What Does A Lily Look Like

What Does A Lily Look Like ?

Lilies can be best described as leafy stemmed herbs. They are usually fragrant with large flowers that come with six tepals each.

These flowers are generally available in a range of colors like white, red, purple, pink, yellow and orange. They also have markings on them which include brush strokes, picotees and spots.Most of these species are deciduous, though there are a few that come with a basal rosette of leaves, at dormancy. The seeds often show intricate germination patterns and ripen during the end of summer season.

Mostly the bulbs of these plants are buried deep in the soil, but a few varieties also form bulbs near the surface.

There are many different types of lilies, which come in varying heights, forms and colors. The Asiatic lily is said to be the best and thus the most popular of all lilies available. The main reason for this is that Asiatic lilies come in stunning colors, which attract attention immediately. This particular type of lily blooms between end May and the beginning of June, facing outwards, and bears dark spots on its face. As opposed to other types of lilies, the Asiatic lily is non-fragrant. When it comes to the heady combination of size and fragrance, Oriental lilies are clearly the winners. These flowers start blooming in late summer, around the same time when Asiatic lilies end their blooming season. Oriental lilies come in lighter colors with borders of contrasting colors. If you want the best bloom, then you must guard your Oriental lilies from heavy winds and harsh sunlight.

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What Does A Lily Look Like