Cala lily growing tips - Different types of lilies - How to care for peace lilies ?

Cala Lily Growing Tips         The Calla lily may not be considered a real lily, but it is nonetheless known as an extraordinarily beautiful flower.

        Available in many colors, this plant grows from rhizomes and is great for using in beds, bouquets and borders. Calla lilies can be grown outdoors or as houseplants.More...


Different Types Of Lilies

Different Types Of Lilies             The lily is known for its delicate beauty and that has made it one of the most popular of flowers. This flower has been long associated with innocence, purity and new beginnings. In Chinese, the word ‘lily’ stands for ‘forever in love’.Lilies are broadly divided into two categories -- Oriental and Asiatic. Oriental lilies are late-summer bloomers and fragrant, while Asiatic lilies are hybrids, and usually bloom during early summebloomers and fragrant, while Asiatic lilies are hybrids, and usually bloom during early summer. Lilies are a sure choice when it comes to bouquets and flower arrangements, especially for traditional wedding décor.

Some of the different types of lilies are as follows:

American hybrid: These lilies are found in the U.S and Canada, and look like balloons. Their petals are joined at the back and they grow in well-drained soil.More..


How To Care For Peace Lilies ?

How To Care For Peace Lilies                    The peace lily is known for its shiny green foliage that appears in stem-less crowns. Though this plant’s main appeal lies in its leaves, the white flower stalks enhance its overall look. Peace lilies are not like your usual houseplants since they need to be cared for all year round.One of the fundamentals about growing peace lilies is to make sure that the plants are always guarded from direct sunlight. Or else, the leaves may get burnt.Peace lilies grow best in medium to low light, ideally near a west or north window. Also, it is important that the plants get enough humidity, failing which the leaves may turn brown. This you can prevent by regularly humidification.

Keep the plant on a tray filled with pebbles and mist the leaves with soft water. Misting will also help wash away red spider mites, a common problem with peace lilies. The plant will wilt if not watered adequately. You must also repot the plant every spring. A peace lily plant will do well in a pot that is anywhere between 8 to 10 inches.  Protect the plant with a pesticide or mild soap water, since these plants are prone to being attacked by red spiders. Dust off spider webs regularly.More...