How To Plant Marigolds

How To Plant Marigolds ?

Marigolds are easy to grow, look good and are also beneficial in a number of ways.

Apart from their ample visual appeal and medicinal value, the smell emitted from these plants can help keep insects at bay, so it is a good idea to plant them alongside those plants which fall prey to such insects easily.If you are looking at late blooms, then you can start sowing after the frost has moved away. However, if you want to grow them in spring, then you should sow them indoors, at least 6 to 8 week’s prior to the last frost date in your region.

If you are planting seeds, then sow them at least 8 to 18 inches apart, and cover with about a quarter inch of soil. As far as the quality of the soil is concerned, remember to sow your seedlings only in areas where the soil is rich and well-drained. Also, make sure the spot gets abundant sunshine all through the day.

If you are buying the plants directly, then make sure you pick up only those that are green and healthy, with lots of leaves. Do not buy plants which show any sign of wilting or diseases. Also, it is a good idea to select plants which do not come with flowers, since then the plant’s energy will be used for root development only. Cover the plants with mulch and fertilize regularly. Once the leaves go black in autumn, pull the plants up and discard them.

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How To Plant Marigolds