How To Make Orchids Rebloom

How To Make Orchids Rebloom ?

Making orchids rebloom is the biggest challenge faced by orchid growers. Most orchids bloom during specific months in the year, and there are certain steps that you can practice to make your orchids bloom again.

One of the most importance requirements for getting your orchids to rebloom is providing them with proper light. Since light is the most important factor when it comes to blooming, your orchid plant will refuse to grow flowers without sufficient light. You must pay extra attention to this requirement during winter, since the amount of natural light lessens at that time, and it will have a direct effect on your orchids.

You should also ensure that the temperature meets the plant’s requirement. Cut the spike back after your orchid has bloomed and protect it from diseases by applying a coat of cinnamon powder or molten wax on the cut area.

Experts also advise that in order to make your orchid rebloom, you could put your plant in total darkness for at least 12 hours a day. There are varying thoughts on this step, as some experts recommend that you use do this as a first step to get your orchids to rebloom, while others feel that this should be the last trick in the book.

It is usually suggested that you remove your plant from its former location full of sunlight to one that is completely devoid of it. This may be achieved by placing the plant in a dark basement, or even covering it up with a lightweight dark piece of cloth.

Try these steps to get your orchid going on the path to bloom time once again. 

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How To Make Orchids Rebloom