How To Transplant Orchids

How To Transplant Orchids ?

Like most houseplants, your orchid plant too must be transplanted, mainly for these two reasons -- it may have either outgrown the pot, or the growing medium has disintegrated to such an extent that proper air circulation to dry roots is no longer possible.

Since good drainage is absolutely essential for your plant’s health, the lack of air circulation will cause the roots to rot because of the constant sogginess.Repotting should be done just after the plant begins to show new growth, but before the elongation of the new roots start. Remember not to transplant your orchid plant when it is flowering or spikes have started growing.

The tools you will need for transplanting are a pair of small garden clippers or scissors, a knife, a new pot, new growing medium like a professional general purpose orchid mix, rubbing alcohol to sterilize your tools and old newspaper. Remove the orchid from its old pot and spread on the old newspaper. You can use the knife to loosen the plant gently. Shake off the old potting mixture as gently as possible. Make sure you do this without damaging the roots. Now use the scissors to trim the roots and remove the damaged or dead ones.

Use broken crockery or clean stones to form a solid drainage base inside the pot. Hydrate the growing medium, put the mixture at the bottom of the pot and then place your orchid, ensuring that the top of the bark is level with the top of the rhizome level.

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How To Transplant Orchids