Problem For Growing Orchids  

Exotic and beautiful to look at, orchids can be both a pleasure as well as a challenge to cultivate.

The following steps can help you understand the process of growing healthy orchids and help in avoiding some of the usual problems that you may face while growing these lovely flowers.

Problems While Growing Orchids:

  • One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your orchids grow well without any problems is to never plant them in regular potting soil. Orchids need special mediums to grow, like bark/coconut chips or peat moss. Regular soil is most likely to kill your plant. So, remember to check with your florist regarding the ideal growing medium for your plant.
  • Each type of orchid needs a different level of light. So, make sure that your plant is exposed to its ideal light. The correct amount of light helps the plant store the appropriate amount of nutrients, while improper light will lead to your plant never to bloom.
  • Good air flow is absolutely essential for avoiding diseases, and nurturing the plant. If you cannot prevent your plant from being in a stuffy room, at least ensure that there is a fan close to the plant. Also, ensure that the room temperature is normal at all times.
  • Do not over-fertilize your orchids, or else you will see the leaves turning brown. Light fertilization only once a month or even bi-monthly is enough to keep your orchids perfectly healthy. 
  • Water your orchids with care. Since over-watering the roots will make them go brown and mushy. Make sure the water drains through the pot, and the roots are not sitting in water.

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Problem For Growing Orchids




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Problem For Growing Orchids )
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