How To Grow Mexican Petunia

How To Grow Mexican Petunia ?

Mexican petunias are grown from seeds, and take about a week or so to grow. This plant simply loves the sunshine and brightness, and thrives under such conditions.

Give the plant the hot and sunny climate it wants, and you will be thanked with the appearance of a foliage that is of a lovely metallic blue color, which will provide the ideal backdrop for the many stunning blue flowers that will adorn your garden during summer.Get started with planting your Mexican petunia seeds by taking a shallow pot and half-filling it with premixed seedling potting soil. This will be easily available at your local gardening store. Now create a small indention with your thumb in the middle of the soil -- this is where your Mexican petunia seed will live.

Next, take a clean spray bottle and fill it with tap water, ideally warm, and spray the soil with it till it turns quite moist. Now it is time to place the Mexican petunia seed, but remember not to cover the Mexican petunia seed with soil. Take a piece of plastic wrap and cover the top of the pot with it, and then make three small holes for air circulation with a toothpick, in the center of the plastic cover.

Now take the Mexican petunia seed pot and move it to a bright location, though never in direct sun. Leave it there till the seed germinates, which should be about 3 days. Remember to mist the soil daily till the Mexican petunia seed seedling is a few inches tall. Take off the plastic wrap and leave it in a sunny window. Once it is larger, then it will be time to transplant it.

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How To Grow Mexican Petunia