How To Take Care Of Knockout Roses

How To Take Care Of Knockout Roses ?

The Knockout rose is both gorgeous and low maintenance. Created by Bill Radler, you can grow this rose very easily, even if you have little to no gardening experience.

Follow these simple steps and with time and a little care, your garden will be a riot of colors, thanks to these stunning flowers.

The first step after buying the roses is to select a spot in your garden for these roses. They grow best when in full sun. So, decide accordingly. Next, prepare the soil in that area so that it is optimized for the best possible results. Using a planting soil that is high in organic materials and manure will ensure that healthy roots and continuous growth.

Dig a hole that is twice as big as the plant holder. This will give the roots ample room for growth. Use black tarp to cover the hole or holes, and make sure you cut out the area where the roses will be planted. This will help in controlling the growth of weeds in your garden.

Now gently remove your rose from the container and place it into the hole. Before filling the hole with soil and fertilizer, remember to water the base of the rose plant. Water the plant once in every three days, preferably in the morning.

A smart idea will be to go with a fertilizer for roses which comes with a time release; this was you will not have to worry about fertilizing the plant every month.

Knockout roses grow pretty tall, sometimes even more than 3 feet. So, pruning them at the onset of spring is advisable.

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How To Take Care Of Knockout Roses