Meaning Of Color Roses

Meaning Of Color Roses

Roses make excellent gifts on special occasions, and if you know what each color stands for, then you can make your gift more meaningful.

Each rose color conveys a different meaning, sometimes even more than one.Let us start with the most popular rose color -- red. Red roses convey the simplest yet most profound message -- 'I love you'. They also convey a few other emotions like passion, desire, respect, sincerity and beauty.

Coral roses say 'desire' and 'passion'.

Lilac or lavender roses are used to convey love at first sight, while orange roses communicate fascination and enthusiasm, making them ideal as a gift for someone you have started liking a lot.

Peach roses stand for appreciation, gratitude, admiration, friendship and sympathy, and generally say 'Let us get together'.

Pink roses symbolize happiness and grace. Pale pink roses express joy, light pink roses suggest fun, and dark pink roses say ‘Thank you’. Pink roses also express admiration, sincerity and gratitude.

White roses stand for innocence, silence, reverence, humility, truth, charm and youthfulness. They are used to say, 'You are heavenly', 'I miss you' or and 'I am worthy of you'.

Yellow roses are not really romantic roses, and they generally stand for friendship, gladness, delight and freedom. Yellow roses with red tips are also used to convey new feelings of love.

You can get more creative and combine two rose colors. Yellow roses when combined with red stand for happiness and celebration, while with white they signify harmony. With roses you can never get it wrong. You can convey anything from love to gratitude with either a bouquet or even just a single flower.

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Meaning Of Color Roses