What Does A Black Rose Symbolize

What Does A Black Rose Symbolize ?

Black roses are actually not a part of nature. They were used to depict all things related to black magic and negative meanings in literature. Dark red color roses are commonly called black roses.

The meaning of black roses to most people is death and hatred. Farewell, rejuvenation and rebirth are some other meanings associated with this rose.During the Victorian era, black roses were often used for funerals. Close friends or loved ones leaving for some place else also exchanged black roses with each other, which meant that they did not expect to be reunited.

'Pure devotion' is another meaning for black roses as they are impossible to produce. The symbol of black roses is tragic romance or sadness in a relationship.

In the number 13 tarot card, the card of death holds a banner in which a white rose symbolizes promise, beauty and purity, which is the exact opposite of what a black rose stands for. When we go through the path of the happy new beginnings we must go through the painful experiences that come across our way, thus this is the meaning of the thorns present on the surface of the flower’s stem. We all know the opposite of white rose is black rose. White roses symbolizes promise, purity and beauty, then black roses in turn stands for impurity, ugliness, renege and immoral. A white rose symbolizes new hope and a new beginning; in turn, a black rose symbolizes unfortunate starts, the absence of hope and return. Black roses stand for death, hatred, farewell and tragic romance.

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What Does A Black Rose Symbolize