Meaning Of Color Roses  

             Roses make excellent gifts on special occasions, and if you know what each color stands for, then you can make your gift more meaningful. Each rose color conveys a different meaning, sometimes even more than one.More...


How To Keep Roses Fresh ?

How To Keep Roses Fresh                  A bouquet of fresh and colorful roses can always manage to lift spirits, and put smiles on people’s faces. Though roses usually come with tips on caring, sometimes even those cannot prevent your flowers from wilting and drooping because of the presence of bacteria.To keep your flowers looking fresh for at least an entire week and preventing wilting, you can follow these simple steps. More...


Different Types Of Roses

Different Types Of Roses                  Growing roses is guaranteed to give you the satisfaction of having created something truly beautiful. If you are new to growing roses, then you will surely be amazed at the sheer number of rose varieties that are available in the market.The process of deciding which kind you would like to grow will definitely be a whole lot easier if you first get acquainted with the different types of roses.More...



What Is A Cabbage Rose ?

What Is A Cabbage Rose ?

If you have not heard the term before, you may be wondering what is a cabbage rose. This is a type of rose that is known for its distinctive bloom. The flower has so many petals that it gives the bloom an appearance of a cabbage. The blooms are quite fragrant and look very pretty. You can easily find cabbage roses in nurseries and florists, and they are pretty easy to grow. You can propagate a cabbage rose with the help of a cutting.

The cabbage rose can be white, pink, red or variegated. The scientific name of the cabbage rose is Rosa centifola, but it is not necessary that the bloom will have a hundred petals. It just means that the bloom has multiple petals, which are ruffled. More...



Where Are Climbing Roses Found ?

Where Are Climbing Roses Found ?

Practically in every continent of the Northern hemisphere, you can find climbing roses. At least this is what a rose expert from the 19th century, William Paul, said. The fact remains that wherever rose enthusiasts are there, climbing roses can be found. These roses grow in full sunlight in all the zones in North America. However, climbing roses were developed in the 19th century from hybridized native species belonging to Italy, China and England. More...




Flower Gardening :

When-Is-The-Best-Time-To-Plant-Roses      The best time to plant roses in your garden completely depends on the climate. Ideally, roses should be planted in early spring, though late winter is when you should plant them if you live in areas which are very cold. By very cold, we mean temperatures less than -10 Fahrenheit. The right time also depends on what you are starting with -- bare-root roses or container grown plants. More..




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