Growing Sunflowers In Containers  

Sunflowers look stunning when grown in pots, and can add tremendous appeal to your yard. They are cheerful flowers that are available in many colors and sizes.

If you have a large garden, then go for the tall giants as they make a lovely border. If your planting space is small, then choose the smaller varieties.Sunflowers need plenty of direct sunlight all through the day to perform their best, with a minimum requirement of at least 6 hours daily. If your sunflowers do not receive adequate sunlight, then they will grow tall but with weak stalks which will not be able to support the plant.

To get started, buy the containers in which you want to grow your sunflowers, or use household items like buckets, old milk crate or wooden boxes. Even the giant varieties can be grown in containers, provided the containers are 12 to 16 inches deep. Use only one plant per container, though a large wooden crate may be used for more than a single plant. While selecting your container, ensure two things -- it should hold the soil and make for good drainage.

Now fill the container with potting soil that has been pretreated with time-release fertilizer. You can improve drainage by adding vermiculite. Buy seeds or the more convenient nursery stock plants and follow the planting directions. Ensure that the soil is kept moist till the seeds germinate, and water your plant whenever it shows signs of wilting.

Fertilizing the plants before bloom time will ensure that you get large and colorful flowers.

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Growing Sunflowers In Containers




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