When To Cut Sunflowers

When To Cut Sunflowers ?

The sunflower is a striking and wonderful addition to your garden or living space. This gorgeous flower looks good in gardens as well as in bouquets, adding some indoor sunshine to homes.

Sunflowers are easy to grow and make wonderful cut flowers too.While growing in a garden, the sunflower shows unique development patterns like heliotropism, which means the plant follows the direction of the sun. This is why you will find sunflower heads going from east to west during the day.

The right time to cut your sunflowers is when they have just opened up and still in their original color, which means they will last at least a few weeks as cut flowers. Cutting a flower in the middle and at an angle usually makes it last longer, since it is able to take in more water.

Sunflowers should be cut as soon as they open up. Make sure you do not wait too long after they have opened up, since they will start turning brown and will be of no use thereafter. You can go with either long or short-stemmed flowers. Both will look equally good. You should also know that there is an appropriate time for cutting your sunflowers. Do this either first thing in the morning or during the late evening hours. Cutting your sunflowers during the day when the sun is at its strongest may make the flowers wilt or get sun-damaged.

So, if you want your flowers to remain nice and pretty for a while, then always cut them early or late in the day.

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When To Cut Sunflowers