Best Time To Plant Tulips  

The tulip is an upright flower, which belongs to the family Liliaceae and grows mostly in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

The Keukenhof Gardens in Holland always leaves its visitors spellbound, thanks to the stunning and colorful display of tulips. To get the perfect bloom in your own garden, follow these planting tips and enjoy the beauty of tulips.Tulips are perennials, and bloom in spring. They need to be planted in September or early October, particularly before the first frost, and April or May is when you can expect your tulips to bloom. Remember to check which USDA hardiness zone you live in before you get started with the planting.

Tulips need plenty of sunlight to bloom. They do manage to survive the winter, but will never bloom in the cold.

Choose bulbs which are large and have no fissures or signs of rot. Also, look for black fungal mold on the outside, which are found on unhealthy bulbs. The bulbs should ideally feel firm and not soft or squishy.

In a pot or container, you can control the growth conditions, but in the garden you must choose the spot carefully. Make sure the soil drains well and the place receives lots of sunlight. Loosen the soil well since the bulbs will need a lot of space to spread their roots. Dig a hole that is roughly 4 or 6 inches and place the bulb's flattened side down with the pointed end up. Maintain 5 to 6 inches space between bulbs, press them gently in the soil in an upright position and fill up the hole. Water lightly and then do so next only when the leaves start sprouting.

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Best Time To Plant Tulips




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