Care Of Cut Tulips  

Tulips are one of the first spring flowers, and fresh cut flowers will not only add to the ambience of your home, but also lift up the spirits of its occupants.

The presence of these colorful flowers after a long and bleak winter will make you feel happy and look forward to the impending sunny weather.The thing about tulips is that they continue to grow even after they are cut. Therefore, you must acquaint yourself with the special care needs of cut tulips, so that your blooms may last longer.

Step one is to keep your tulips well hydrated. So, if you are taking fresh cut tulips home from your local garden center, make sure you carry them in a water container. It can even be a plastic bag with enough water to keep the cut stems in. Also, make sure the tulips are placed upright till you reach home. Then place the fresh cut tulips in a water container, and cut each stem with a sharp knife, while holding it under water.  The flower’s water uptake channel will be opened.

Next, leave them to drink the water for about an hour and then cut once more. Then take a vase, fill it with water mixed with a good quality floral preservative. This preservative will be given to you while purchasing the fresh cut tulips, and are easily available at your local florists.  Keep an eye on the water in the vase daily, and make sure it never goes dry, since tulips take in a lot of water. Place the vase in a cool location without exposure to direct sunlight or heat from lamps or other appliances.

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Care Of Cut Tulips




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