Facts About Tulips

Facts About Tulips

After the rose and chrysanthemum, the world’s third most popular flower is the tulip. Tulip is a very beautiful, bright, and cup-shaped flower, with a green stem.

Central and western Asia is the place from were tulips are believed to have originated. Nomadic tribes are the people who introduced Turkey to these pretty blooms.

Facts about Tulips:
Cultivated tulips are available in about 3,000 known varieties, and Holland is the major exporter of tulips. As there are a large variety of tulips, they are also available in different colors, such as pink, orange, red, purple and mixed colors. These flowers have three petals and three sepals.

On the basis of floral characteristics, parentage and season of bloom, tulips are classified into 15 classes.

You can categorize tulips into these three kinds, namely early flowering tulips, midseason flowering tulips and late flowering tulips, depending on their time of blossom. Some examples of these tulips are as follows: early flowering tulips -- Red Emperor, Water Lily; midseason flowering tulips -- Swan Wings Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Darwin Hybrids; late flowering tulips -- Rembrandt Tulips and Fringed tulips.

Tulips live for a very short time. Their life span is just 3 to 7 days. They are available within November to May.

A well drained, airy, loamy soil is recommended for the cultivation of tulip plants. It is a must to water these plants both before and after blooming.

Tulips should be protected from predators. Tulips stand for love, fame, charity, and romance. So, there is a great demand for this flower all over the world.

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Facts About Tulips