When To Plant Tulip Bulbs

When To Plant Tulip Bulbs ?

You can get tulip bulbs either via mail order or at your local garden centers. If you are buying them from a garden center, make sure you choose ones which are free from mold, bruises and cuts, and feel firm to the touch.

Do not pick up bulbs which feel squishy or if the papery brown shell is missing.Ideally, the healthiest of bulbs should be larger than your average bulb, plump, and completely free of spots and blemishes. Some tulips bloom in early spring, while others bloom later.

If you live in a warmer area with mild winters, you may find it more difficult to grow the regular varieties of these colorful flowers. So, choose the ones that are more tolerant of warmer climates, like the Candy Tulip or the Florentine Tulip.

The right time to plant tulip bulbs in your garden will depend on the Climate Hardiness Zone. So, do make sure you check that out prior to planting. Most zones accept planting between September and early October. Ensure the soil is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit when you planting your tulips.

When it comes to the soil, ensure it is sandy, neutral or slightly acidic, and of course, well-drained. You can also enrich it with compost and humus. Strictly avoid planting your tulip bulbs in an area where water does not drain well. Your tulips will need a lot of sunlight all through the day. So, make sure you choose a planting spot that is exposed to at least 6 hours of bright sunlight daily.

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When To Plant Tulip Bulbs