How Many Calories Are In An Apple ?

How Many Calories Are In An Apple ?

Apple is a very nutritive fruit which has many benefits. It is sodium free and cholesterol free fruit which has lots of antioxidants and fiber in it.

Not only these, by eating an apple fifteen minutes before lunch, you can cut down your calorie consumption by 190 calories. An apple by itself has about 65-115 calories depending on its size. A small size apple may have about 65 calories, whereas a large apple may have 115 calories. A medium sized apple may have about 85 calories.To sum it up, it can be said that 100 grams of apples contains around 45 calories. You can reduce the calories of the apple by removing its peel because the peel itself may have about 10 calories. But by doing so, you may also be decreasing the nutritive value of the apple since the peel of the apple is said to have a lot of fiber in it.

The healthy properties of an apple outweigh its calorie count. When you consider that eating an apple everyday can give you your daily dose of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, iodine and fiber, you may well want to ignore the number of calories it has.

You might have heard the saying: 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'. If an apple would have enough calories to harm you, this saying would never have come into existence. Hence, while eating an apple, do not worry about the calories it has. Instead, enjoy and relish the fruit, and your body will automatically will enjoy its benefits.

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How Many Calories Are In An Apple