Benifits Of Apricot

Benifits Of Apricot

Almost all fruits that are available are packed with nutrients and have several health benefits. Apricots are a tiny fruit with several enriching nutrients. It is a native of China, but as per Ann Henderson of the Utah State University, the US produces nearly ninety percent of the apricots in the world. The fruits are sold in a wide variety including snack packs and in fresh and dried forms.


Apricot has Vitamin A, which is also called retinol. The vitamin is soluble in fat and is extremely important for cellular health. Retinol is also essential for maintaining the health of the eyes. It is important for proper working of the immune system, and helps to keep the skin healthy. Retinol is also useful in treating conditions like acne and age related problems. It helps to maintain the bone strength. It also plays an important role in the neurological functioning.

The fruit is a rich source of iron. The National Institutes of Health says that iron is important for the transport of oxygen to various parts of the body. It also stabilizes the immune system and regulates cell growth. An iron deficiency causes anemia and poor brain functions. Anemia also causes impaired immunity and weakness. Iron intake is especially required for athletes and other sports personalities.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the primary vitamins found in apricot. It is a powerful antioxidant and aids in cell and tissue repair. It also damages the free radicals found in the body and that are responsible for cancer and premature aging. It reduces the possibility of heart disease and conditions like osteoarthritis. It also prevents the age related muscle degeneration. It prevents common cold and cough and frequent illnesses. Fresh apricots are better for Vitamin C.

Apricot also ahs high levels of potassium. Potassium is required by the body for cell, tissue and organ maintenance. Potassium is an electrolyte and controls the electrical signals sent in the body. It also aids in heart functions and monitoring muscle contractions. Potassium plays an early role in the formation of bones. It also reduces blood pressure and prevents stroke. A deficiency in potassium causes yellow spots all over the body.

Apricot is also helpful for the spleen and kidneys. It has high levels of fiber that is helpful in promoting digestion.

Apricot can be consumed as a part of fruit salad; or it can be added to cereals and breakfast. It is gummy when dried and is very sweet in taste. The fruits are also included as a part of dry fruits. You can use chopped apricots while making meat dishes as it offers a distinct flavor to the dish.

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Benifits Of Apricot

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