Are Avocado Good For You

Are Avocado Good For You ?

Avocadoes have a high amount of Vitamin A in them, and are considered to be good for skin and face. They also give a good texture to the hair and strengthen the roots. Avocadoes are a very nutritious fruit and are packed with health benefits. They have a nutty and crunchy texture and also are very tasty. It is like butter to eat. The scientific name of the avocado tree is Persia Americana.


The avocado is an evergreen variety, and has its origins in subtropical America. Despite of the health benefits of the avocado, they are also high in fat content. So if you are on a weight loss mode, it is better to avoid the fruit.

Avocadoes contain beneficial vitamins like vitamins K, C, E and B6. Avocadoes are considered good for skin and hair. The extracts in the form of oils and even the pulp can be directly applied to facial skin, scalp and hair. Several skin care products contain avocado oil in fact. A facemask made from avocado contains monounsaturated fats, which are healthy and good for skin. The oil also acts as a moisturizer and is ideal for use in dry weather conditions. It also helps to relieve the symptoms of skin disorders, such as eczema. It penetrates the top most layers of the epidermis and repairs the damage. It stays in the skin for a long time and penetrates deeper and repairs the damages. It also fights the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays and acts as an efficient skin protection formula (SPF).

The fruits also serve as an excellent conditioner for hair. There is several hair products sold with avocadoes as the main ingredient. It also avoids problems like dandruff and split ends that are common hair problems. The scalp is moisturized and is maintained at healthy levels aiding the reduction of dandruff. Also, avocado is a chemical free option for hair conditioning.

Avocadoes are very good for heart and they contain beta sistosterol which can regulate blood pressure and decrease cholesterol. They also have foliated which is essential for the heart and reduces the chances of stroke. Heart rate can also be maintained at a consistent level with the help of this ingredient. Avocadoes help to cut down the HDL levels in the blood.

This nutritious fruit has fairly high levels of folic acid which are extremely beneficial for pregnant women. It contains vitamins A and C and potassium. All these are beneficial for fetus growth and brain development of the unborn child.

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Are Avocado Good For You : Are Avocados Good For You