Health Benefits Of Avocado Oil

Health Benefits Of Avocado Oil

Avocado is a Mexican fruit and is also known as the alligator pear because it has a leathery skin and green color. It is tropical fruit that thrives in warmer climates. The fruit first originated in the Mexican state of Pubela. The avocado oil and fruit contain several beneficial nutrients for us. The oil of the fruit is considered as good and healthy as olive oil. The oil is used widely in the cosmetic industry for its several benefits. Avocados have a high content of Vitamin E and monounsaturated fat. This makes it good for skin care products.

Avocado being a tropical fruit grows all round the year, making it available throughout. Even olive oil manufacturers produce avocado oil when olives are not in season. The olive oil business stays profitable this way. There have been several scientific studies conducted on avocado and it was found that they are very good for the heart, skin and hair. It is also known to help people suffering from hair fall.

It also helps to reduce HDL and LDL cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. Avocado is a highly fatty fruit because of its rich nutrients. However, if you lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, then you need not worry about the fat content. In fact, when combined with exercise, the fruit promotes weight loss. Vitamin E is required for the blood vessels, so that they do not collect cholesterol, which creates blockade in the cardiac system. Vitamin E is also helpful in eradicating the free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause different types of cancer and also conditions like diabetes and strokes. The high proteincontent of the fruit helps in tissue and cell rejuvenation. It is the best anti ageing natural product known to man.

Avocadoes are replete with Omega-3 essential fatty acids. These acids fight cancer causing carcinogens and several scientific studies have proven that they can fight many types of cancers. The risk of breast cancer and cancer of the colon can be considerably reduced with avocadoes. The Vitamin E in avocadoes helps to maintain a taut skin that is free from wrinkles. It imparts a radiance to the skin just like olive oil. 

Avocado oil can help fight symptoms of eczema. It has excellent moisturizing ability and can maintain your skin extremely dry weathers. It is also useful for babies and can be applied to diaper rashes. Avocado oil offers a soothing effect and immediately rel3eive the burning sensation for babies.

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