Banana Care Tips  

Banana is one of the most inexpensive fruits, and it can make a lovely snack. But being inexpensive alone is not enough, as you need to know how to take care of this fruit.

Here are some banana care tips for your reference.Ideally, bananas can be stored at room temperature itself. But you should remember to store them away from other fruits. Sometimes the chemicals released from citrus fruits can ripen the bananas quickly. The best way to store the bananas are to hang them. They remain fresh for a longer period of time this way. If you store the bananas is the fridge, they stay firm and tasty for almost two weeks. However, their skin may turn brown or even black. But the fruit inside would still be tasty.

While buying bananas, it is a nice idea to buy the greener ones because bananas can ripen on their own even at your house. Since they are still at a ripening stage, the chances of them getting spoilt are very less. Another way of keeping the bananas looking fresh for a longer time is to keep them in a freezer Ziploc plastic bag.

Ripe bananas, even if they are a little over ripe, can be used for making smoothies, and they can also be used to make banana bread. In fact, you can even peel the bananas, cut them and store them in the freezer in a freezer sized bag, and later use them to make tasty smoothies. This way you do not need to add ice, since the bananas are already frozen.

With these tips you can take better care of the bananas and save them from getting wasted and thrown away.

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Banana Care Tips




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