How To Grow A Banana Tree ?

How To Grow A Banana Tree ?

Bananas are actually perennials herbs belonging to the category of gingers, heliconias and bird of paradise flowers. The trunk of a banana tree comprises leaf stalks wrapped all around each other. Fresh leaves start growing inside, below the surface. These leaves gush up through the center and emanate from the middle of the crown. The flower also grows up this way, and these flowers then turn into bunch of bananas.

It takes almost nine months for a banana tree to grow and produce a bunch of bananas. Once the mother plants dies, the baby plants in and around grow up from the base as small banana plants.

Banana trees grow well in warm and subtropical regions. Bananas are capable of accepting extreme heat provided their water requirements are being met. Problem is the cold climate. A banana tree cannot handle frost, low temperatures and cold winds. In extreme cold conditions, the leaves turn yellow and the outer skin becomes grayish in color. The ideal temperature for banana tree is about 78 to 85 degree Fahrenheit.

Banana tree needs enormous amount of water. The leaves of the banana tree are huge, and soft, and conducive for evaporation. Therefore, they need a huge supply of water as well. High humidity is their favorite. Banana growers generally water their plants around two to three times in a day to maintain high humidity levels. The soil should also be rich in nutrients. For this, add heaps of compost while preparing the soil before planting the banana tree. You may also add chicken manure or wood ash to meet the tree's potassium needs.

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How To Grow A Banana Tree