Taking Care Of Banana Trees  

Banana is an extremely popular fruit. It tastes sweet and it is rich in fiber. Banana tree can be plant in your own yard, provided you take good care of it. Before planting the banana tree, first determine the purpose behind planting. Most of us are aware of only one type of banana -- the one that we normally eat. However, there are banana trees that are even used for ornamental and decorative purposes.

Next find out the kind of species you would like to grow in your garden. It is very important to know the species because rest all will depend on this. Requirement of type of soil, location, season all are dependent on the variety of species. Most of the other banana plants would require fine and well-draining soil.

Banana plants are generally grown in tropical countries. The temperature requirements are usually high. Therefore, they need lot of sunlight. The location where you plant banana tree should be free from shades of other plants and trees. The best method of planting banana trees is from the seedlings. The seedlings are selected based on their qualities. For example, when we choose a fruit bearing seedling, it would yield tasty banana fruits as it was giving in the parent tree. When a decorative banana seedling is chosen, it could have arrived, perhaps, from a decorative plant parent.

The tree trunk of a banana tree is usually soft and is susceptible to rot due to water. To reduce this water damage, you can pour some mulch around the banana tree trunk. Adding mulch will resist mud from accumulating near the soil and, thus, prevent the roots from getting spoilt. When a fruit bearing banana plant is planted, the trunk should be cut after every harvest season. Banana tree bears fruits once in a season by cutting it from the trunk will give rise to new plants giving fruits all over again.

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Taking Care Of Banana Trees




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