Growing Coconut Trees From Coconuts  

There is no doubt that a coconut tree adds to the aesthetic value of a region. However, this tree can only be grown in areas with a more or less tropical climate.

The coconut tree requires a soil with 5.5 to 7.5 pH levels, good sunlight and average watering, specifically less during the winter season.The tree can be grown easily from the seed that is the coconut. In order to grow a coconut tree from its seed, one needs to select the coconut with care. The selected seed should have fallen from a tree, and one should be able to hear the sound of the coconut water when the nut is shaken.

The husk of the chosen coconut should not be removed. This coconut needs to be immersed in a bucket of water for a span of three days prior to the process of plantation. Damp or poorly drained soil hampers healthy growth of the plant. If the plant is being grown indoors, then the container should be at least 10 inches deep and wide enough to provide ample space to the nut. For proper drainage, the container needs to have a hole at the bottom. If grown outdoors, the nut should be planted on an elevated ground to ensure adequate drainage.  

The nut needs to be placed in the soil in a position with its apex pointing downwards. The top third of the nut should not be placed inside the soil; instead it needs to be well exposed. This plant needs to be watered with care as the soil should be moist, but not wet. Also, the temperatures should be ideally between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A warming lamp can be used to provide heat to indoor plants.

The sprouting of the seed takes quite a few months. The process is visible with a crack in the nut. Plants growing in pots require repotting after a period of five years. The new pot should be large enough to contain the root ball of the plant. Fertilizers may also be required to enhance the growth of the plant after the first year of growth. Pruning of trees is also essential for healthy growth.

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Growing Coconut Trees From Coconuts




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